About Us

Barefoot hoof care began for 3 Manitoba women out of necessity. A retiring farrier and a four foot founder were the catalyst to seek alternate hoof care. It began with a mini hoof care clinic at a local tack store. This lead to a 2-day Learn to Trim Your Horse‚Äôs Hooves clinic hosted by Barb Fenwick in St. Andrews, Manitoba.

Obsession set in. Talking hooves and looking at hooves 24/7 became the norm for us. Barb brought James and Yvonne Welz from Arizona for a 2-day clinic a year later. James brought with him cutting edge technology and we knew our lives were about to take a turn. After the clinic we formed a co-op trimming our own 25 horses regularly. This group ranged from a Shetland to Percherons. When not trimming we were researching the equine hoof and its structure to perfect our skills. James and Yvonne had become our mentors and we can never thank Barb enough for bringing all this knowledge to Manitoba.

After months of trimming only our own horses the phone started ringing and Roadtrimmers Barefoot Hoofcare was born.

Our greatest joy has been giving movement back to our foundered clients and educating Manitoba horse owners about barefootedness.

Our trimming practice has a holistic approach. We use reiki, essential oils, and relaxation work to assist us in making trims easy for our equine clients and their owners.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~ Winston Churchill