What is "breakover"?


1. The moment in time when the foot starts to tip forward to lift off from the ground.

The heel begins to lift off the ground at the back end of the stride. (Here the horse is turning and breaking over slightly away from the camera.)


2. The position of a line across the toe, indicating where the foot is able to tip forward for liftoff.

Right arrow shows where the breakover is on a flat-bottom trim. If the toe is flared, breakover may be even farther out in front. Breakover is delayed and the leg only has time for a shortened stride and a toe-first landing.

Left arrow shows where the breakover line is when trimmed with a toe rocker and mustang roll. Note that the breakover is in the same position as in the shorter mustang foot (inner hoof outline) with naturally rolled toe. When breakover is in this position, the leg has time to swing all the way forward to full extension, and can land heel-first.

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