My Philosophy

It's Not Just Bare Feet!

Our philosophy is that barefoot is the right of every horse, and hoof care the responsibility of every horse owner.

We believe that a horse is born with a hoof that can, with a correct hoof trim, perform bare in any discipline.

We believe it is every horse owner’s responsibility to know what a healthy sole, frog, bars and wall should look like and to provide the horse with the lifestyle to support healthy hoof form and function.

We believe through education we can help empower you, the horse owner, to make informed choices about your horse’s hoof care.

Barefoot hoof care is about empowering YOU, the horse-owner. 

YOU are given the knowledge, 

YOU are educated, 

YOU learn more about the equine hoof than you could ever imagine possible.

 And knowledge is power.

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No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~ Winston Churchill