• Barefoot Hoof Trimming

  • † There may be additional charges depending upon the condition of your horse, mule, donkey, mini, etc. hooves when we begin, such as overgrown and diseased hooves requiring extra trimming and treating.

    Initial Set-up Trim - First Visit

    We'll explain what we're doing during the trim so that you will have a basic understanding of what and why

    You are free to ask questions, in fact, I encourage you to.

    We will be taking photographs and documenting the condition of each hoof before and after trimming of each hoof on the animal. This allows us to see the improvement following the initial "set-up" trim as well as provides a baseline for monitoring proper hoof form development based upon the natural trim method over time.

    We'll evaluate each animal for various pathologies of the hoof and discuss with you.

    If treatments are required, we will discuss with you on a case by case basis.

    Follow-up Maintenance Trims

    Usually 4-5 weeks apart depending upon the individual animal’s needs and time of year.

    Boot Fitting

    This service is at no charge with the purchase of a pair of hoof boots. Equine boots have improved greatly over the years, though they are not yet perfect for every horse or mule. We will determine what size is needed and we will adjust the boots to fit a specific horse or mule. If we do not have the boots you need in stock, they can be ordered. See Hoof Boots for further information about booting.

  • Learn To Trim Your Own Horse: One-On-One Or Group Clinics

  •       Think you might like to try maintaining your own animal’s hooves?

    Well, here's the good news. If you are physically able to, and of the desire to, you CAN. I WOULD NOT expect you to be able to know how to trim a problem hoof for better form and function, or even starting with an initial trim. BUT, once your animals' hooves are healthy, and in good form to promote healthy hoof mechanism, you can begin to "maintain" their hooves. We will work with you individually, showing you how to rasp the hoof for maintenance. We will also show you how to know when you have issues affecting the back of the foot. i.e. frog, heels, quarter breakage etc.

    We provide education about equine hoof health and care to keep your horse sound and performing barefoot for a lifetime. Seminars teach basic anatomy and mechanics of the equine hoof and the Welz barefoot trimming method. Book a seminar at your farm or ranch, or sign up for one of the clinics presented in your area. Contact us for clinic dates & prices.

  • Chiropractic Referral

  • Is your horse: shifting lameness; stiff; lack of impulsion or power; difficulty in maintaining collection; cold-backed or cinchy; poor attitude; difficulty picking up a lead; difficulty in holding a leg for the farrier; short striding; bucking, rearing, swishing tail; stumbling or knuckling over; won't bend or flex? Your horse may need an adjustment! We will refer you to the best equine chiropractor in the province.

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