The Welz Trim

Who are James and Yvonne Welz

James became involved in barefoot hoofcare when severe founder struck the mare that belonged to him and his wife, Yvonne, in May, 1999. Their desperate search to find a way to save this beloved horse led them straight to the controversial and new (at that time!) methods of barefoot trimming. James flew to Canada in September, 1999, to learn from Sabine Kells what needed to be done to save the life of this horse. In May, 2000, James attended Dr. Hiltrud Strasser's seminar in Austin, Texas (her first United States clinic tour), and decided at that point to become a barefoot hoofcare professional. He participated in the first year-long North American Strasser Certification Course and graduated from the "European School for Hoof Orthopedics and Holistic Horse Treatment" (ESHOP) in Germany in May, 2001.  He then set out to apply his education to the "real world," with a specific interest in finding the compromises to improve hoof health and soundness and make all horses' lives better, no matter what their situation.

Education PLUS Experience: James has had the best of both worlds - a complex, technical hoof education along with many years of practical experience, trimming day-in and day-out. Since 2000, he has trimmed hundreds of horses with a full-time clientele (approximately 200 horses per month, or an estimated 19,000 separate trims!), and learned the specific techniques needed to successfully keep barefoot horses in the extreme desert environment of the southwest United States of America.

Happy Hooves: His approach to hoof care goes way beyond theory, and straight to down-to-earth practical application in the real world. Though educated in sophisticated rubber-floor hoof clinic techniques, he chose to trim exclusively in the real world for ordinary horseowners. Utilizing the knowledge gained from his technical education, he is able to gently redirect hooves towards their healthiest form. His focus remains the mustang / wild horse model as a guideline for his trimming. He also has a special interest in Dr. Robert Bowker's concepts about peripheral loading, an important element in James' trimming method. He puts the comfort of the horse first and foremost, and uses his skills to create significant improvement in hoof form while the horse remains sound and happy in its home environment. Every horse is trimmed as a unique individual, with absolutely no forcing of any specific ideals or measurements upon hooves. Over time, he has developed innovative techniques, and a special method for barefoot success, utilizing the mustang / wild horse model for trimming - but with attention to details that make his trim unique. The end result are hooves that look just like mustang hooves

Meanwhile, Yvonne utilized her advertising design background to start up The Horse's Hoof Magazine in the fall of 2000, along with this website and an online store. Together, the couple have spent many years raising awareness about barefoot horses, and counseling both their local Arizona clients, as well as horseowners around the world, on how to better care for their horses in captivity, through improved living conditions, and barefoot hooves. During these past years, they have encountered so many problems along the way, and then developed solutions to these problems. Time and time again, they have come to realize that the key to it all is prevention. Recognize the problems before they get worse! Reach the horses before they develop problems! Keep the shoes off the young horses, keep their living conditions as good as possible, and all horses can have healthier hooves! This is what they want to share with the public, though their Healthy Hoof Clinics.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~ Winston Churchill