Traditional versus Barefoot

"The horse in its natural state needs no shoes to survive."

"... it became apparent that the traditional farrier sciences are fixated on following a road that can only lead to further dependency on that which is unnatural."

"Instead of constantly trying to manage the hoof from the outside with shoes of every description, pads, acrylics and molds, it has become apparent that we can improve the hoof, performance in the horse, and the long-term welfare of the horse by observing and implementing theory and method dictated by nature and common sense."

"Nature provides the answers if you are willing to learn. Today, many factors cloud our ability to make the right decisions."

"Once proper neurological and biomechanical function is achieved in the distorted or diseased hoof, many lame horses return to soundness, both physically and mentally. Not by design, but rather by nature, the traditional horseshoe cannot work to aid in this rehabilitation."

"The shoe becomes a permanent environmental influence on the hoof. One that is proving to be less than ideal."

K.C. La Pierre

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~ Winston Churchill